Now for this very reason also, applying all diligence, in your faith supply moral virtue, and in your moral virtue,
knowledge ;

Friday, July 15, 2011

I started this way of studying because  I wanted a way to remember what  I was reading in the Bible. I found that I would study, study, study and then move on to another book, only to forget what was in the book that I had just read.  I started with the book of John and when I got  all 21 chapters "remembered", I  decided to start the book of Matthew with the ladies  at  church. I am  applying  the same principles as I used with the book of John.                                                 

  My goal is to help women, including myself, not to just read the bible, but to remember what is in the chapters and books that they are reading. I am using a combination of word association and my own personal life experiences to remember the scriptures. We will be going through chapter by chapter, applying my "formula" for remembering. As you read through I'm sure you will develop your own "formula" for remembering the scriptures. You will be surprised at the recall you will have of your bible when you start this. We will not be memorizing scripture. We will be remembering what is in the separate chapters. As an example , John 4, the word fast has 4 letters, Jesus fasts for 40 days and forty nights, Jesus appoints 4 apostles, Peter, Andrew, James and John. I now can remember what is in John, Chapter 4 just by using these  simple word associations.
I'm just getting started. I'm sure there will be bumps along the way. I will be praying for all of you ladies who are willing to give this a try. I will always welcome your feed back.
God Bless

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